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    Introducing the ApeX USDT Market Maker Incentive Plan

    Nov 15, 2023


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    With the launch of USDT contracts, ApeX Protocol is happy to introduce the USDT Market Maker Incentive Plan, designed to offer an exciting array of benefits for participants.

    Early Advantage with a Negative Maker Fees of 1.2 BPS

    As part of this incentive plan, market makers will enjoy a negative maker fee of -1.2 basis points for the initial 120 days after the launch of the plan. This means market makers can earn a rebate on each trade executed during this period, creating an early advantage for those who get in on the action.

    Long-Term Incentives Based on Trading Volume

    The USDT Market Maker Incentive Plan doesn't stop at the introductory phase.

    After the initial 120 days, market makers can continue to benefit from long-term incentives. These incentives can provide maker fee rebates of up to -1.1 basis points, contingent on the trading volume of a participant.

    The more you trade, the more you earn, making it an attractive proposition for active market makers.

    A Multi-Level Plan for Varied Opportunities

    To ensure that market makers of all scales can participate and benefit, the USDT Market Maker Incentive Plan is structured into 5 levels, each offering a progressively higher maker fee rebate.

    Level Qualification Criteria

    As displayed on the table above, market makers have the opportunity to qualify for each level based on specific criteria:

    • Levels 1 and 2: Achieve either the trading volume requirement or the total equity requirement.

    • Levels 3, 4, and 5: Achieve both the trading volume and the total equity requirements.

    After the initial 120 days following the launch of the program, all new market makers who join ApeX can benefit from a -0.5 bps maker fee during the first month, with subsequent fee adjustments based on trading volume in the following months according to the table above.

    With the USDT Market Maker Incentive Plan, we aim to create an enhanced trading experience for ApeXers by not only driving trading activity but also rewarding the participants who play an essential role in the success of the platform.

    If you have any questions, or are interested in joining the program, please contact us via the ApeX Pro Discord channel.